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The most important thing we can do for our wives as Christian men is to truly devote ourselves to prayer and spiritual discipline.


The 31 DAY PRAYER CHALLENGE: A Call to Biblical Love and Marriage is an invitation for men to faithfully commit to daily prayer and devotion, seeking wisdom and strength from God in March.


For 31 days, we challenge you to:

READ - Proverbs 31
Explore various translations of the Bible, review commentaries on this passage of Scripture, listen to sermons on love/marriage

PRAY - For you wife
Include fasting in this endeavor, journal (electronic or written) your prayers, say them out loud to your wife/significant other

ENCOURAGE -  One another
Share this challenge and what God is doing in your life with a friend, provide your testimony in a public manner, check-in and hold one another accountable

Prepare your heart and mind for this life-giving endeavor, with an expectation to see God work in your life!

TCGC Men’s Ministry is earnestly praying for you and yours during this time!

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