The Book of Matthew

Jesus: Savior, Healer, King

Through this study we will see who Jesus is, where He came from, what He did, what He said, what happened to Him, and why it was so important.  We’ll learn all of this from the gospel of Matthew.  We’ll start with the first verse of the first chapter and each week we’ll move a little farther along so when we finish we will have read and considered everything God used Matthew to write down about Jesus.

The Great Commission

Pastor Jeff Schlenz

28 Apr 2019

Matthew 28:18-20

God has a plan to transform the lives of people all over the world, and He intends for you to be a part of it.

The Power of the Resurrection

Pastor Jeff Schlenz

21 Apr 2019

Matthew 28

Jesus Christ has risen from the dead – we need to know this, share it, and receive the good news personally.

The Power of the Cross

Pastor Jeff Schlenz

14 Apr 2019

Matthew 27

Christ is crucified though obviously innocent, so that we who are obviously guilty might find forgiveness.

Professing and Denying

Pastor Jeff Schlenz

07 Apr 2019

Matthew 26: 47-75

As crisis unfolds, we see the outcome of walking in the flesh and walking in the Spirit. Jesus is betrayed by Judas, tried by the Jews, and denied by Peter as He works for their salvation.

Resisting and Submitting to Gods Will

Pastor Jeff Schlenz

31 Mar 2019

Matthew 26: 31-46

When God’s will seems hard do you resist or submit? As the cross looms ominously on the horizon we separate the separate reactions of Peter and Jesus.

Jesus our Passover

Pastor Jeff Schlenz

24 Mar 2019

Matthew 26: 17-30

Jesus reveals Himself as the Passover lamb sacrificed for our sin, and institutes communion to remind all Christians of what He has done.

Blessing and Betrayal

Pastor Jeff Schlenz

17 Mar 2019

Matthew 26: 1-16

Extreme reactions force us to ask: am I blessing Jesus, or betraying Him.

Ministries of Mercy

Pastor Jeff Schlenz

24 Feb 2019

Matthew 25: 31-46

There will be a judgment of eternal blessing or cursing based on our actions in this life: did we minister to others or ignore their needs?

Jesus is Coming, Be Vigilant and Diligent

Pastor Jeff Schlenz

17 Feb 2019

Matthew 25: 1-30

Jesus encourages Christians to be spiritually vigilant and diligent until His unscheduled return.

The End is Near

Pastor Jeff Schlenz

10 Feb 2019

Matthew 24

Interpersonal conflict and international war will characterize life after Jesus’ departure, but He also promises a coming judgment and encourages His disciples to pursue holiness in the midst of it all.

The End of External Religion

Pastor Jeff Schlenz

03 Feb 2019

Matthew 23:25 -39

God-less religion is critiqued by a patient, persistent, God who will ultimately judge all people and return to reign triumphantly over mankind.

Beware of Religious Hypocrisy

Pastor Jeff Schlenz

27 Jan 2019

Matthew 23:13 -24

Jesus levels charges of hypocrisy against religious people and warns His followers how to avoid it.


Pastor Jeff Schlenz

20 Jan 2019

Matthew 23:1 -12

Jesus warns of corrupt religious motives and conduct while encouraging us to listen to God’s instruction in Scripture and humbly serve others.

Three Questions and One Great Command

Pastor Jeff Schlenz

13 Jan 2019

Matthew 22:15 -46

People want to know: does God agree with me? Meanwhile, Jesus patiently explains the truth and calls people to love God and love others.

Three Questions for Jesus and One Great Command

Pastor Jeff Schlenz

06 Jan 2019

Matthew 22:1 -14

God goes to extraordinary lengths to bless us, and people consistently reject and resist Him.

The Persistent Patience of God

Pastor Jeff Schlenz

09 Dec 2018

Matthew 21:23 -46

Jesus tells Jewish leaders the Kingdom of God is going to be stripped from them because they won’t accept what God is doing despite His patient, persistent, grace and generosity.

Why Doesn’t God Answer My Prayers?

Pastor Jeff Schlenz

02 Dec 2018

Matthew 21:18 – 22

Jesus pronounces judgment on those who are more show than substance, and promises there is incredible power in righteous prayer.

Would you Recognize God?

Pastor Jeff Schlenz

25 Nov 2018

Matthew 20:29 – 21:17

As Jesus approaches Jerusalem, makes the Triumphal Entry, and enters the Temple, one question keeps coming up: will you worship Jesus or reject Him?

To Be Great, Serve

Pastor Jeff Schlenz

18 Nov 2018

Matthew 20:17 – 28

Jesus calls us to serve others as He has served us by fulfilling God’s unstoppable, pre-determined plan.

Forsaking all for Christ

Pastor Jeff Schlenz

11 Nov 2018

Matthew 19:16 – 20:16

Jesus exposes the true motivation of a rich young ruler and warns His own disciples about their reactions to His grace.

God’s View of Singleness

Pastor Jeff Schlenz

04 Nov 2018

Matthew 19:10 – 15

Jesus gives three reasons why people might not marry and we consider what singles should do as they wait.

Marriage and Singleness

Pastor Jeff Schlenz

28 Oct 2018

Matthew 19:1 – 12

Jesus responds to a question about divorce by pointing out the true nature of marriage.

Living Together Well

Pastor Jeff Schlenz

21 Oct 2018

Matthew 18:21 – 35

Christians, who receive incalculable forgiveness from God, should eagerly share the same with others.

Living Together Well

Pastor Jeff Schlenz

14 Oct 2018

Matthew 18:10 – 20

For the next several weeks we’re going to be looking at what Jesus says about how to live with other people – how to get along, how to value others, how to forgive them, and what God has to say about marriage.

Jesus Knows

Pastor Jeff Schlenz

23 Sep 2018

Matthew 17:14 to 18-9

Jesus always understands what is happening at the deepest levels, and is entirely sufficient for the need.

Denying Self and Seeing God

Pastor Jeff Schlenz

15 Sep 2018

Matthew 16:21 to 17-13

Jesus wants His disciples to know: difficulty is coming, but so is glory.

Peter’s Confession of Christ

Pastor Jeff Schlenz

9 Sep 2018

Matthew 16:13-20

God reveals Himself to people, involving them as He establishes and expands His unstoppable, inevitable, unconquerable kingdom.

The The Importance of Right Beliefs

Pastor Jeff Schlenz

2 Sep 2018

Matthew 16:1-20

Jesus experiences conflict with arrogant Pharisees and Sadducees (He refuses to cooperate), expresses concern for the ignorant disciples (He shows concern and patience), and is recognized and adored as the Christ  (He gives promises).


The Generosity of Jesus

Pastor Jeff Schlenz

26 Aug 2018

Matthew 15:21-39

Outsiders are brought in and blessed as they persistently seek Jesus.


Defilement Comes From Within

Pastor Jeff Schlenz

12 Aug 2018

Matthew 15:1-20

The greatest issues of life are things that happen within us, not things we bolt on to the outside of us.


What God Can Do Through You

Pastor Jeff Schlenz

05 Aug 2018

Matthew 14:13-32

Jesus, seeking time alone, does miracles for countless thousands and involves His disciples


Facing Persecution

Pastor Jeff Schlenz

29 July 2018

Matthew 14:1-12

God has given us boundaries for life, staying within them is hard, but step over them and things get messy quickly.


What’s the Real Value?

Pastor Jeff Schlenz

15 July 2018

Matthew 13:44-58

The Kingdom of Heaven is supremely worthy and should be pursued at all costs.


God’s Unstoppable Kingdom

Pastor Jeff Schlenz

8 July 2018

Matthew 13:24-43

The Kingdom of Heaven is indestructible- the good seeds will grow until harvest time, the tiny seed will grow, the leaven will spread.


What is God Saying?

Pastor Jeff Schlenz

1 July 2018

Matthew 13:1-23

We are going to take a look at how different people respond to God as we hear one of Jesus’ most famous parables, which is also one of His most difficult.  It’s the parable of the sower which shows us four possible responses for people who have heard from God.

Doing, Not Just Seeing

Pastor Jeff Schlenz

17 June 2018

Matthew 12:38-50

DOING God’s will is more important than seeing signs or even cleaning up your life.

You Can’t Hide What’s in Your Heart

Pastor Jeff Schlenz

10 June 2018

Matthew 12:22-37

What we resist reveals our allegiance.

When Can I Break the Rules

Pastor Jeff Schlenz

03 June 2018

Matthew 12: 1-21

Jesus is accused of not keeping the religious laws and responds by appealing to the heart behind the law.

Misunderstanding Jesus

Pastor Jeff Schlenz

13 May 2018

Matthew 11

Jesus addresses questions about His identity, responds to rejection, and issues a call for the weary and worn-out to come find rest in Him.

The Conditions of Ministry

Pastor Jeff Schlenz

06 May 2018

Matthew 10:21-42

Jesus asks for the complete loyalty of His disciples and though they will experience opposition, they will also have His unfailing support.

The Call to Ministry

Pastor Jeff Schlenz

29 April 2018

Matthew 9:35-10:20

Jesus asks us to share His burden for the lost through prayer and calls some of us to go do something about it.

Understanding Jesus

Pastor Jeff Schlenz

21 April 2018

Matthew 9:9-38

Jesus reveals His compassion for people as He proves He can heal things no one else can, including lives broken by personal choices or misfortune.

The Authority of Christ

Pastor Jeff Schlenz

15 April 2018

Matthew 8:18 – 9:8

Jesus demonstrates His authority over the natural and supernatural things in this world because what He really wants to communicate is His authority over sin.

Grace to the Outcasts

Pastor Jeff Schlenz

08 April 2018

Matthew 8:1-17

Jesus heals a diverse group of people demonstrating His personal power and the inclusive nature of the gospel.

Fresh Starts and New Beginnings

Pastor Jeff Schlenz

01 April 2018

Matthew 7:13-29

The Bible tells us the resurrection is the gospel – which was preached, which many of us have received, in which we stand and by which we are saved if we hold fast, unless we have believed in vain.

Ask. Seek. Knock.

Pastor Jeff Schlenz

25 March 2018

Matthew 7:6-12

Do Not Worry or Judge

Pastor Jeff Schlenz

11 March 2018

Matthew 6:25-34

Make seeking God the greatest priority in your life and everything else that is important will fall into place.

Where is My Focus

Pastor Jeff Schlenz

03 March 2018

Matthew 6:16-24

Christians should give, pray, and fast for God, but this is only possible when our aspirations, attention, and affections are focused on Him instead of on others or ourselves.

The Lord’s Prayer Part 4

Pastor Jeff Schlenz

25 February 2018

Matthew 6:5-15

Jesus teaches us to declare dependency on our Heavenly Father for provision, pardon, and protection.

The Lord’s Prayer Part 3

Pastor Jeff Schlenz

18 February 2018

Matthew 6:5-15

Every day of our lives there is a competition between autonomy – making our own independent decisions and authority – accepting the need to submit to another, to be regulated by someone other than me.  This battle between authority and autonomy is a test of our allegiance: when push comes to shove, will I choose me or bend the knee?  Our allegiance is tested every day in significant as well as trivial ways.

The Lord’s Prayer Part 2

Pastor Jeff Schlenz

11 February 2018

Matthew 6:5-15

Christian prayer is communication with a Holy Father who knows our needs; understanding this affects our expectations of, and approach to, prayer.

The Lord’s Prayer

Pastor Jeff Schlenz

04 February 2018

Matthew 6:5-15

It is possible to do religious things like giving, praying, or fasting for the wrong reasons, so Jesus confronts the issue and offers a corrective.

Thinking of Others and Acting Generously

Pastor Jeff Schlenz

21 January 2018

Matthew 6:1-4

Jesus commends a life full of discrete giving that benefits others, glorifies God, and results in personal reward.

A New You in the New Year: Non-Retaliation & Active Love 

Pastor Jeff Schlenz

14 January 2018

Matthew 5:38-48

We human beings have this tendency to take the things God says and twist them to suit our own interests, desires, or tendencies.  We often make excuses for ourselves, let ourselves off the hook, and generally see ourselves as better than we really are.  So, Jesus comes along, pushes our ideas aside and goes after our heart.  As we’ve said so many times, He goes after the source of our disease instead of simply dealing with the symptoms.

Keep Your Word

Pastor Jeff Schlenz
07 January 2018

Matthew 5:31-37

This morning we find Jesus talking about the institution of marriage and the habit some people have of swearing oaths. We’ll cover some very interesting stuff this morning, but let me give away the surprise before we even get started, this really isn’t about divorce and marriage and what you can and can’t say, it’s an attempt to expose what’s going on in your heart that would lead to these outcomes. It’s about the disease that produces the symptoms, not just the symptoms themselves.

Adultery Begins in the Heart

Pastor Jeff Schlenz
10 December 2017

Matthew 5:27-30

We’re going to be dealing with a sensitive topic today: the issue of lust and adultery – things we see at the top of our news feeds and headlines each day.  And, we’re going to see what God has to say about this kind of behavior.  We’re going to do our best to address things directly, bluntly, but tactfully and tastefully in a way that exposes and explores the issue so that those who need to change can, and the rest can be equipped to help those in need.

Murder Begins in the Heart

Pastor Jeff Schlenz
26 November 2017

Matthew 5:21-26

Jesus wants us to know that murder is actually just one symptom, one expression, of a deeper and wider disease.  Murder is just the ugly offspring of anger.  No one ever said, I’m so grateful and thankful and appreciative for you, I just can’t wait to hurt you.  So what you really need to do is go after the anger that produces murder and that anger lives in each of us.

In Pursuit of Righteousness

Pastor Jeff Schlenz
26 November 2017

Matthew 5:13-20

This morning we continue our study in the gospel of Matthew and the sermon on the Mount. Until this point Jesus’ Sermon has been primarily centered on us individually.  You are blessed with the blessings. The behaviors are manifested in your life.  Now we begin to see how the presence of these behaviors and blessings in your life has an essential impact on the world around you.

Who Does God Bless? Pt 6

Pastor Jeff Schlenz
19 November 2017

Matthew 5:10-12

This morning we continue our study in the gospel of Matthew. We’ve been looking at the Sermon on the Mount, the longest sermon by Jesus on record. This morning we finish the introductory section known as the Beatitudes.

Who Does God Bless? Pt 5

Pastor Jeff Schlenz
05 November 2017

Matthew 5:9

We continue our study through the Gospel of Matthew.  We’re in the Sermon on the Mount, the most famous teaching of Jesus.  And specifically, we’re in the opening section known as the Beatitudes, from the Latin word beatus for blessed, because it’s a list of eight behaviors and attitudes specially blessed by God.

Who Does God Bless? Pt 4

Pastor Jeff Schlenz
29 October 2017

Matthew 5:7-8

We continue our study in the gospel of Matthew. We’ve come to the Sermon on the Mount, and we’re looking at the opening passage, called the Beatitudes, where Jesus tells us about the behaviors and blessings that characterize those who are devoted to Him.

Who Does God Bless? Pt 3

Pastor Jeff Schlenz
22 October 2017

Matthew 5:4

I want you to consider something rather obvious about this: God takes it for granted that you will mourn. God doesn’t promise your life on earth willbe nothing but unicorns and rainbows, puppy dogs and cotton candy, beautiful beaches with a gentle breeze. He expects that you are going to mourn. That’s not odd to Him. That’s not bizarre. It’s normal.

Who Does God Bless? Pt 2

Pastor Jeff Schlenz
15 October 2017

Matthew 5:5-6

We continue our study of the Sermon on the Mount this morning, Jesus’ most famous sermon.  If you take what you find here seriously, and you should, it will challenge the way you live your day to day life.

Who Does God Bless? Pt 1

Pastor Jeff Schlenz
08 October 2017

Matthew 5:1-3

If you have come in here this morning, and you are at the end of your rope, if you are exhausted and spent, tired and frustrated, I want you to know: you’re in the right place.We’re going to hear Jesus speak in the Sermon on the Mount, His most famous sermon, and we’re going to find a message of encouragement and blessing for those who are willing to receive it.

You Can Change

Pastor Jeff Schlenz
01 October 2017

Matthew 4:12-25

People from the capital and all around Israel went out to hear what John had to say and see what God was doing through him.People were broken by what they heard and saw. God was on the move, convicting people, showing them sin they needed to confess, areas that needed to change in their life, and they responded by saying “Yes, that’s me. I need to change.

Which Way to Go?

Pastor Jeff Schlenz
24 September 2017

Matthew 4:1-11

What often happens after you make a declaration that you want to live for God? Things get hard. Your change, your choice, and your commitment is challenged. And that’s what we see happen with Jesus this morning.

The Baptism of Jesus

Pastor Jeff Schlenz
17 September 2017

Matthew 3:1-17

So far, on our journey through Matthew’s gospel we have seen Jesus’ family tree and heard the story of His rather unusual birth to a virgin mom and adopted dad.This morning, the story moves ahead almost 30 years and we find Jesus as a grown man about to begin His ministry.

The Son is Given

Pastor Jeff Schlenz
10 September 2017

Matthew 1:18-2:23

When Jesus is born, different people respond in different ways – which best represents you?

A Polluted Pedigree

Pastor Jeff Schlenz
03 September 2017


Matthew’s life was turned upside down by Jesus, is it any wonder he would show us that Jesus’ family tree was full of people you wouldn’t expect?

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