Holiday Messages

Here you will find various messages presented featuring themes related to various Holiday topics.

Easter 2020

Pastor Jeff Schlenz
12 Apr 2020

1 Corinthians 15:1

The resurrection of Jesus Christ is essential to our salvation and gives us a framework to understand this pandemic, a calling to serve in it, and the hope to endure it

The Search for Joy at Christmas

Pastor Jeff Schlenz
22 Dec 2019

Luke 2

God sent us a gift of peace and joy in Jesus, but each Christmas we risk missing it because we feel the crunch, the crash, and the crush of the season.

What is a Godly Man?

Pastor Jeff Schlenz
16 Jun 2019

Genesis 1:26

How do we know what it means to be a man? By turning to God’s Word and shutting out other voices.

God’s Plans for Christmas

Pastor Jeff Schlenz
16 December 2018

Isaiah 9:1-7

God began planning for the first Christmas before the world was even created.  When He made the world, He knew we would make a mess of it, and our lives.  And He knew that we wouldn’t be able to fix it, so He planned to send His Son as our Savior.

What Life is About: Knowing Christ and Making Him Known

Pastor Jeff Schlenz
31 December 2017

Genesis 1:1

What Life is About: Knowing Christ and Making Him Known

How to have a Peaceful Christmas

Pastor Jeff Schlenz
17 December 2017

Philippians 4:6-7

Christmas can fill us with anxiety, depression, and greed, but God promises we can find contentment today in Christ.

Christmas Eve 2017

Pastor Jeff Schlenz
24 December 2017

Christmas Eve

Christmas Eve Celebration at the City Gates Church in word and song.

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