The Gospel of John

A year-long series looking at the life of Jesus through the eyes of John

John 1:1-3 Introducing Jesus

Pastor Jeff Schlenz
23 September 2012

John 1:1-3

As John opens his gospel he introduces us to Jesus’ eternal, triune, and creative nature so we understand who the God is who saved us.

John 1:4-13 A Light In Our Darkness

Pastor Jeff Schlenz
23 September 2012

John 1:4-13

Are you more afraid of the dark or letting the light of God shine in your life?.

John 1:14-18 God Dwelt With Men

Pastor Jeff Schlenz
23 September 2012

John 1:14-18

How do men respond when God dwells among them? Let’s go back to the Exodus and see.

John 1:19-34 God Is Getting Your Attention

Pastor Jeff Schlenz
14 October 2012

John 1:19-34

What lengths does God go to to get our attention?

John 1:35-51 Four Ways to One Savior

Pastor Jeff Schlenz
21 October 2012

John 1:35-51

Six men come to Jesus four different ways and the lessons we can learn from each.

John 2:1-12 What’s Better Than Wine?

Pastor Jeff Schlenz
28 October 2012

John 2:1-12

Jesus turned water into wine, so how should Christians respond to alcohol?

John 2:13-17 Losing Jesus in Worship

Pastor Jeff Schlenz
04 November 2012

John 2:13-17

When Jesus showed up in the Temple on Passover, instead of worship He found chaos. How had God been misplaced in His own house? And what needs to be driven out of our lives so worship can begin again?

John 2:18-25 Do A Miracle For Me!

Pastor Jeff Schlenz
11 November 2012

John 2:18-25

What are miracles for, and is it OK to pray for one today?

John 3:1-3 Not Good Enough For God

Pastor Jeff Schlenz
18 November 2012

John 3:1-3

Nicodemus, the man who seemed to have it all together, was still told that He needed Jesus.

John 3:4 God Says Hard Things

Pastor Jeff Schlenz
25 November 2012

John 3:4

Jesus told Nicodemus he had to be born-again. Why does He say stuff like that which is so hard to understand?

John 3:5-8 Born Of Water And The Spirit

Pastor Jeff Schlenz
02 December 2012

John 3:5-8

What does it mean to be “born of water and the Spirit?”

John 3:9-17 Holy Antivenom

Pastor Jeff Schlenz
09 December 2012

John 3:9-17

We’ve all been infected by the toxins of sin, but we also have access to the holy antivenom we need.

John 3:18-36 I Must Decrease

Pastor Jeff Schlenz
16 December 2012

John 3:18-36

Did you ever notice that “I” is at the center or sin? There’s a good reason why “I” must decrease.

John 4:1-4 Downward Promotions

Pastor Jeff Schlenz
13 January 2013

John 4:1-4

Jesus walked out of Judea just as His popularity was soaring. Why?

John 4:5-15 The Weary God

Pastor Jeff Schlenz
20 January 2013

John 4:5-15

Jesus was tired. Is that something you can relate to?

John 4:16-26 Wooed to Worship

Pastor Jeff Schlenz
27 January 2013

John 4:14-26

Jesus confronts a women graciously but directly over the issues in her life.

John 4:27-42 Tell the World

Pastor Jeff Schlenz
03 February 2013

John 4:27-42

The woman at the well went to town and told everyone about Jesus – where are you willing to go?

John 4:43-5:15 Faith to Act

Pastor Jeff Schlenz
10 March 2013

John 4:43-5:15

Jesus ministers to a man who has it all and another who seems to have nothing, but He requires both of them to act on their faith.

John 5:16-47 Ignoring the Witnesses

Pastor Jeff Schlenz
17 March 2013

John 5:16-47

Jesus says God gives us four witnesses to tell us what He’s really like, so how do you respond when God doesn’t fit your expectations?

John 6:1-21 Mixed Motives and Impossible Tasks

Pastor Jeff Schlenz
24 March 2013

John 6:1-21

Sometimes impossible circumstances come our way, what do we do then? Learn a lesson from the feeding of the 5000.

John 6:22-40 The Christ And The Crowd

Pastor Jeff Schlenz
31 March 2013

John 6:22-40

When the crowds came to Jesus, they came for the wrong reasons but He tried to help them. Why do you come?

John 6:41-71 Walking Away From Jesus

Pastor Jeff Schlenz
07 April 2013

John 6:41-71

Sometimes Jesus says hard things, not because He’s mean, but because He wants to receive something better.

John 7:1-9 Choosing Sides

Pastor Jeff Schlenz
14 April 2013

John 7:1-9

You can’t say, “I don’t have an opinion” about Jesus, you have to decide, was He right or was He wrong? And your answer has eternal consequences.

John 7:10-31 Questions of Allegiance

Pastor Jeff Schlenz
21 April 2013

John 7:10-31


John 7:32 – 8:1 Flowing With The Spirit

Pastor Jeff Schlenz
28 April 2013

John 7:32-8:1

Are torrents of living water gushing from your life? Jesus said they would if you’re filled with the Holy Spirit.

John 8:2-11 A Tricky Question

Pastor Jeff Schlenz
12 May 2013

John 8:2-11

How can Jesus affirm the Law and grant mercy at the same time? How can Justice and Mercy coexist?

John 8:12-32 The Light of The World

Pastor Jeff Schlenz
19 May 2013

John 8:12-32

Is the Light of the World shining in your life? Can you see where to go next?

John 8:33-59 Sin is Self-centered

Pastor Jeff Schlenz
26 May 2013

John 8:33-59

If Jesus is light of the world, why do so many stay in the dark? Because we love our sin more than we love God.

John 9:1-41 Was He Born In Sin?

Pastor Jeff Schlenz
02 June 2013

John 9:1-41

Why are we sometimes born with defects, deformities, or difficulties? Is it because of sin in our lives?

John 10:1-21 The Good Shepherd Pt 1

Pastor Jeff Schlenz
16 June 2013

John 10:1-21

In one the most familiar passages of the New Testament Jesus claims to be the Good Shepherd. What does that mean for us as sheep?

John 10:1-21 The Good Shepherd Pt 2

Pastor Jeff Schlenz
23 June 2013

John 10:1-21

We take a second look at Jesus’ claim to be the Good Shepherd, this time focusing on what we can learn about shepherds.

John 10:22-42 Safe in the Father’s Hand

Pastor Jeff Schlenz
30 June 2013

John 10:22-42

Yes, Jesus IS the Christ, and that means you’re always going to be His.

John 11:1-46 Lazarus Was Loved

Pastor Jeff Schlenz
07 July 2013

John 11:1-46

Yes, Jesus raised Lazarus from the dead, but did you know that Jesus LOVED Lazarus, and his family knew it?

John 11:47-12:12 Vacuums and Fountains

Pastor Jeff Schlenz
14 July 2013

John 11:47-12:12

Does your life look more like a vacuum, taking things in, or a fountain, giving things out?

John 12:13-50 The Hour Has Come

Pastor Jeff Schlenz
21 July 2013

John 12:13-50

Jesus’ big moment has final come – the hour has arrived for Him to be glorified. What will that look like?

John 13:1-17 God Washed Feet

Pastor Jeff Schlenz
28 July 2013

John 13:1-17

In the final hours of His life, Jesus shows His love for us by humbling washing our feet and showing us the need regular cleansing in our relationship with Him

John 13:18-38 Love Trumps Betrayal

Pastor Jeff Schlenz
04 August 2013

John 13:18-38

Have you ever been betrayed? Jesus knows the pain, but also commands us to love like we’ve never loved before.

John 14:1-3 What’s Heaven Like?

Pastor Jeff Schlenz
11 August 2013

John 14:1-3

What does Jesus have to say about Heaven, and how does that affect us when we feel anxious?

John 14:4-6 There’s Only One Way

Pastor Jeff Schlenz
18 August 2013

John 14:4-6

Jesus says there’s only one way to Heaven – through Him. Why does it have to be so exclusive?

John 14:7-11 Faith Anchors

Pastor Jeff Schlenz
25 August 2013

John 14:7-11

What role do miracles play in our lives? Answer: they force to make a decision about God.

John 14:12-24 Trading Places

Pastor Jeff Schlenz
01 September 2013

John 14:12-24

Jesus doesn’t promote you, He trades places with you, and that subtle distinction makes an enormous difference.

John 14:25-26 You Are Not Alone

Pastor Jeff Schlenz
08 September 2013

John 14:25-26

As a Christian, the Holy Spirit resides INSIDE you and that means, you are never truly alone

John 14:27-31 Peace I Leave With You

Pastor Jeff Schlenz
15 September 2013

John 14:27-31

Looking for a little peace? Jesus offers it to you for FREE!

John 15:1-8 Branches Bear Fruit

Pastor Jeff Schlenz
22 September 2013

John 15:1-8

Christians are designed to bear fruit by abiding in Christ and being tended by God

John 15:9-17 What Is Love?

Pastor Jeff Schlenz
29 September 2013

John 15:9-17

What does the Bible mean by the word love?

John 15:18-16:33 Why They Hate You

Pastor Jeff Schlenz
06 October 2013

John 15:18-16:33

Even though Christians are called to love others, Jesus warns them that the world with respond with hatred.

John 17:1-19 The Lord’s Prayer Pt 1

Pastor Jeff Schlenz
20 October 2013

John 17:1-19

Jesus prays for Himself and the disciples just hours before going to the cross – what does He say?

John 17:20-26 The Lord’s Prayer Pt 2

Pastor Jeff Schlenz
27 October 2013

John 17:20-26


John 18 Arresting God

Pastor Jeff Schlenz
03 November 2013

John 18

Everyone in Jesus’ life turned their back on Him. Feel let down by people in your life? He can understand.

John 19:1-30 Why The Cross?

Pastor Jeff Schlenz
17 November 2013

John 19:1-30

John gives us a play by play of the events of Jesus’ trial and execution, but WHY was it all necessary?

John 19:31-42 Jesus Our Passover

Pastor Jeff Schlenz
24 November 2013

John 19:31-42

The Jews wanted Jesus off the cross quickly so they could enjoy their Passover…turns out, He was their real Passover.

John 20 He Lives & He Gives

Pastor Jeff Schlenz
01 December 2013

John 20:1-31

When Jesus rose from the grave, He gave seven gifts to us to help us live.

John 21 Jesus at Your Jobsite

Pastor Jeff Schlenz
15 December 2013

John 21

Jesus meets the disciples in their daily lives and then restores and calls Peter to a life of service.

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