Standing for God in a Fallen World

Daniel Study #2

Ever had a weird dream? In this episode we cover Chapter Two/Lesson Two of our study in Daniel and an angry king’s demand that his dream be interpreted.

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Daniel Study #5

In this chapter we spend time thinking about our affections and how we express them, the importance of finishing our lives well, and draw encouragement from the fact that God holds us in His hands.

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Daniel Study #6

In this chapter we talk about taking a stand for righteousness and conviction, even when it’s hard and discuss the fact that things don’t always turn out the way you hoped, even when you take that stand.

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How to Study Your Bible

n this bonus edition Pastor Jeff and Madeleine sit down to discuss how to get the most out of reading and studying your Bible, how to approach prophecy, and how to use the tools found in most study Bibles.

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