The Book of Acts

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Reacting to the Gospel

Acts 13:13-52
Paul shares the Gospel, the good news that God has been at work launching a rescue mission for us and while some receive the news with joy, others resist.

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The Power of the Gospel

Acts 13:5-12
Paul and Barnabas face spiritual opposition in bringing the good news to Cypress, but they triumph through the power of the Holy Spirit and lead the local ruler, who was “astonished at the teaching” to Christ.

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Why Do Christians Suffer?

Acts 12:1-24
Christians suffer from spiritual attacks, personal choices, our fallen world, and the sinful choices of others, but Scripture teaches us to work hard, trust God, and rest well.

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Establishing the Church

Acts 11:19-30
The church expands on the heels of a crisis displaying four essential elements: worship, relationship, discipleship, and stewardship, the very same things we need today.

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The Man God Uses

Acts 6:1-15
As the church grows it needs additional leaders with specific qualifications and conduct who can thrive in the face of resistance

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Church Leaders Pt1

Acts 6:1-7
Discrimination can tear a group apart, but so can disorganization, wise leaders involve diverse co-workers because they know they cannot accomplish the mission alone.

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Quenching the Spirit

Acts 5:1-16
Having passed the test of external opposition, the early church now faces an insider threat as God exposes a couple’s hypocrisy and brings judgment.

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Trusting God For Strength

Acts 4:23-37
After facing a crisis, the disciples share their situation with others, pray to God, and then receive exactly what they requested and get back to work.

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Why Did Jesus Come?

Acts 3:11-26
Peter seizes the opportunity to speak to a crowd gathering in response to a miracle; he explains that faith in Jesus’ name enabled the miracle, explains who Jesus is, and calls the crowd to respond to this news by turning from their sin and embracing the salvation found in Christ.

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Peter Explains Pentecost

Acts 2:14-41
Peter explains Pentecost as God doing what He had promised through the prophets and calls people to be saved, baptized, and filled with the Holy Spirit in response.

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