Bonus Materials

How do you get all this out of your Bible – how do you see all this stuff or understand?


2.Read and re-read in other translations it out loud

5.Read out parts of the Bible – copiousness – when you’ve done a study in Daniel and then you read Hebrews 11 you see the connection

6.Sit in the unknown for a bit

7.Study Bible

a.notes in margin

b.cross-references – look them up


d.If you’ve never read the front section in you Bible, do it.  You’ll learn all kinds of things about why some words are in italics, why LORD is in all caps in the OT, and other things that will help you understand you Bible even more.

8.Understand genres: history, letters, wisdom and poetry, prophecy

a.How to interpret Prophecy

1.look for explanations, sometimes it’s explained or interpreted for you – Rev 1:19

2.Sometimes the NT explains it

3.Near and Distant fulfillment

a.Isaiah 7:14 – immediate fulfillment was a son for king Ahaz, but ultimately we see it as Christ

b.Exodus – passover was a lamb, eventually became the Lamb of God

9.So Bible Study in Community

a.Ask a friend/spouse/mom dad

b.Ask a pastor or teacher – Eph 4:12 God has given them to the church as a gift to help you understand, “able to teach” is the one qualification for being an elder or pastor that is based on what you can do.

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