Daniel Discussion Questions:

Lesson 5 Chapter 5

Q6 Day 2

What helps you keep the right perspective on your earthly possessions?

Day 3 Q7

What is helping you strengthen your relationship with the Lord right now?

What connections are you making with our study in Acts on Sundays and our study in Daniel?

Compare Daniel 5:23 (especially the last sentence) with Acts 12:20-23 (particularly verse 23). What was the reason that both Belshazzar and Herod were struck down? Are there areas in your life for which you need to begin giving God the glory?

Where is God revealing the areas where you need to live more for the Kingdom of God and not for the passing kingdoms of this earth?

Day 4 Q5-Q8

Romans 12:1-2

What helps you not conform to the world?

How do we renew our mind?

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