Daniel Discussion Questions:

Lesson 3 – Chapter 3


Day 3
Q5 How might the reply of Shadrach, Meshach, and Abed-Nego be helpful in keeping us from our tendency to focus on threats, fears, anxieties, bad news and difficult situations?

Q7 What helps you choose God over what appears to be a better outcome? What helps you trust that God knows what He is doing and is powerful enough to intervene?

Q10 What verses encourage you in dealing with anxiety and fear?

Day 4
Q8 How does walking with Jesus break bonds? How does your awareness of His presence remove fear and release you from those things that bind you?

Day 5
Q5 How can a time of remembrance spur on your faith in trials?

Digging Deeper

Below you will find some great companion worship music to accompany the lesson,

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