Daniel Discussion Questions:

Lesson 2 – Chapter 2


Day 1 

What is one aspect of God you wrote down that ministers to you today and why?


Day 2

Read vs.13-18

What helps you respond with “counsel and wisdom” in the threat of death or a crazy situation? 


Day 3

Q1,Q8 What are some practical ways you can incorporate thanksgiving into your prayer life? (One possible answer, Use vs.20-23 as an example to bless the Lord…declare who God is like Daniel and thank Him for who He is.)


Day 4

What helps you live for and invest into God’s everlasting kingdom over the temporary kingdoms on earth?


Day 5

Q6 How can we practically fight against holding the world’s definition of success in our lives, goals, dreams? What verses in scripture can help you keep the right perspective? 

Digging Deeper

One of our worship leaders has recorded some worship songs, please enjoy them

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