The Group Discussion Questions are compiled each week and are focused more for discussion, not necessarily for self-reflection, as other questions from the study can be geared toward.  By no means are these required, but if you are working through this study as a family and would like some thought provoking, more application based questions, here are a few to choose from.  Again, none of this extra stuff is required, we are simply trying to provide you with all that you need to both dig in and apply the truths from the book of Daniel.

Daniel Discussion Questions:

Lesson 1 – Chapter 1


Day 1

What stands out to you about God Himself in this chapter? (and from the verses in Q7) 


Day 2 Q8 

What does Romans 12:1-2 look like in your life?

How do you get there if you find yourself in a place like the Israelites in 2 Kings  17?


Day 4

What can we learn from 1:8-9? 

(Purpose in our heart, no defiling, God has brought, follow God without knowing the outcome) 


Day 5 Q10 

How do we get to a place where we begin to live focused more on how God sees us than man? 


How does Daniel’s Relationship with God touch every area of his life? 

Digging Deeper

Below you will find some great companion content to the study to make it a much more rich experiene, enjoy!

Watch (8min) an overview of the book of Daniel by the Bible Project here.

You can view and download a poster summarizing that overview here

For further understanding, we also highly recommend this video (5min) on Exile
This video as well(5min) on The Way of the Exile.
(You can also find these videos in the Daniel Resources playlist on our YouTube channel.)

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