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CGYG Monthly Newsletter

Hello Parents and students,

May was a month of youth leader's leading CGYG! We had several evenings where the youth leaders ran everything from games to lessons while I was out of town, and they were a blessing to the teens!

We also finished our LFIBS in 2 Peter and had two teens lead the final two lessons! Special thanks to our teens and leaders who stepped up and blessed the rest of the youth group.

June will see a flurry of activity and new faces as we welcome rising seventh graders on June 11, and host the 5th annual Summer Daze! from June 19 - June 30. That's right, Summer Daze is running for two weeks this year. See more information below.

Once the teens promote, we will kick off our summer studies in Matthew for the Aspens (7th-9th grades) and a series called "Jesus Said, 'I Am'" for the Oaks (10th-12th grades). Wednesday evenings we'll be looking into the book of James.

Coming Activities:

TCGC Summer Daze: Mark your calendars! We've got a host of events to get the teen's summer started right. From June 19th-30th we'll be having air soft, amazing race and more!

Volunteers (especially parents!)
This is a great week for the teens, but we need a lot of help to make everything happen! Check this sign-up for more information on how you can contribute. We need drivers, food preparers, chaperones, life guards (not real life guards), construction workers (i.e. a person who can screw in screws), and decorators! Many of these activities happen during work hours so much of our youth leadership can't make it. This is a great opportunity for parents to get involved!

Air Soft
Monday June 19th, 2:00-5:00 pm this event needs no explanation, but teens might want to bring face protection! We'll have plenty of glasses for eye protection, but only a few extra full face coverings.

Amazing Race
Saturday June 24th, at 4:00 pm drop your teen off at the church and receive a secret envelope that tells you when and where to pick them up (it will be around 7:00-8:00 pm).

Pool Party
Monday June 26, we'll be at Wakefield Pool From 1:00pm - 4:00 pm
Bring a change of clothes, a towel, and please, no bikinis, or speedos.
Cost is $6 per person
Pick up and drop off is at Wakefield pool; 4627 Holborn Ave, Annandale, VA 22003

Day at the lake
Wednesday June 28 (Yes that's a Wednesday, this event is in place of CGYG Wednesday night), we'll be driving out to Fountainhead regional park at
Fountainhead Regional Park Marina, Boat Launch, Fairfax Station, VA 22039

We'll leave the church at 3:00 pm and return at 7:30-8:30 pm
If you want to drop off and pick up directly from the park please drop off at the boat ramp and pick up at the miniature golf course.

We'll be kayaking, canoeing, fishing, hiking, and eating dinner!
We have a sign-up for parents to provide food and help during the evening.
Cost for the event is $10

Escape Room and Ice Cream
Friday, June 30, We'll Meet at 5:00 pm at Fairfax's Old Town Square and have an evening of escape rooms and ice cream at Woody's Ice Cream. Pick up will be a fuzzy target, but expect your teens to be ready to go around 8:30 pm. Don't forget to bring money for ice-cream!

Resource Corner:  

From Human-Snake-Golf, to teens teaching, to  frisbee golf; check out the pictures here!

It's never too late to jump into our 365, chronological read-through of the Bible. Here is the link

With summer comes warmer weather and with warmer weather comes a wardrobe to keep cool. As we transition seasons, here's a friendly reminder to be thoughtful about what you wear to youth group. We are called to love God and love each other, and dressing modestly is one way we do that. Practically, that means that you should avoid any clothing that is too tight and form-fitting, shorts, skirts, and dresses that are too short, or shirts that are low-cut or cropped. If you ever have any questions, you can reach out to one of our youth group leaders.

And, as always . . .

Please keep praying for our young men and women!

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