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CGYG Monthly Newsletter

Hello Parents and Students,

It is amazing how much we did in April! From our Spring Breakout that included a trip to the Bible Museum, a service project, leader's missionary trips and updates, the Seder (1/4 of the youth group was involved!), to a blessed farewell for Scott and Stacey Gunther. Your teens and our leaders had a fabulous time.

And that doesn't even cover the teachings. We're finishing up LFIBS in 2 Peter this coming month. Scott Finished "The Early Church: a Survey of the Book of Acts." And since My family will be out of town a few Sundays in May, our leaders have been filling in by fielding some of the teen's apologetics questions.

We truly have a great group of teens and an amazing set of leaders.

As a nice piece of icing to the cake, Catherine Antosh was back in town for the first week of May and shared with the teens about her experience in Guatemala since being sent by The City Gates church as a missionary 6 months ago.

We have a lot going on, and more coming in the next few months. So check out our coming activities below.

Coming Activities:

Final Friday May 26th: 

CGYG is playing Frisbee Golf. No need to sign up for this event, we are meeting at Burke Lake Park, by the mini-golf course. I'll be providing all the frisbees the teens need, but they are welcome to bring one if they have it. We'll be giving out prizes after the event. Drop off at 4:00 pm and pick-up at 6:00 pm

June 19-31 Weeks of Summer Fun (also known as Summer Daze):

We'll have an official sign-up for this event when we announce it on Sunday in a couple weeks, but you'll want to save space in your calendar for the following events.

June 19 - Airsoft! Long awaited, much anticipated, we'll be spending the afternoon in some friendly competition on the church property. If you're interested in helping with construction, we have a lot of barriers and cover we'd like to put up.
June 21 - Wednesday Summer Night (more details on this to come)
June 24 - Amazing Race - 80's themed This is a CGYG Favorite. Parents and youth volunteers  drive our teens all over Fairfax looking for clues to the next destination. We follow the event with a meal and awards ceremony
June 26 - Pool Party! Do we need to say more? Location and time will be finalized soon
June 30 - Escape Rooms and Ice Cream! (This event is contingent on getting enough rooms for our group. More details to come)

Resource Corner:  

Seriously, the teens did a lot this last month! check out some of the picture highlights here!

It's never too late to jump into our 365, chronological read-through of the Bible. Here is the link

With summer comes warmer weather and with warmer weather comes a wardrobe to keep cool. As we transition seasons, here's a friendly reminder to be thoughtful about what you wear to youth group. We are called to love God and love each other, and dressing modestly is one way we do that. Practically, that means that you should avoid any clothing that is too tight and form-fitting, shorts, skirts, and dresses that are too short, or shirts that are low-cut or cropped. If you ever have any questions, you can reach out to one of our youth group leaders.

And, as always . . .

Please keep praying for our young men and women!

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