The Books of Psalms & Proverbs

Discovering God’s Wisdom for Daily Life.

Planning and Direction for Life

Pastor Jeff Schlenz
14 Jul 2019


We must choose between two ways to live: either trusting God or leaning on our own understanding.

What is a Godly Family?

Pastor Jeff Schlenz
07 Jul 2019


Parents and children should be a blessing to one another, but when children rebel against their parents’ instruction loving discipline is required.

What is a Godly Marriage?

Pastor Jeff Schlenz
30 Jun 2019


Marriage is a gift from God, Proverbs gives us four keys to maintain it.

What is a Godly Woman?

Pastor Jeff Schlenz
23 Jun 2019

Proverbs 31

A Godly woman is rooted in the fear of the Lord and produces righteous fruit, praise her for it!

What is a Godly Man?

Pastor Jeff Schlenz
16 Jun 2019

Genesis 1:26

How do we know what it means to be a man? By turning to God’s Word and shutting out other voices.

What is Repentance?

Pastor Jeff Schlenz
09 Jun 2019

Psalms 51

Convinced of his sin, David turns to God for cleansing, renewal, and restoration.

Why Do We Worship?

Pastor Jeff Schlenz
02 Jun 2019

Psalms 103

God has shown you tremendous mercy; bless Him for it, lest you forget!

What affects My Thinking?

Pastor Jeff Schlenz
26 May 2019

Psalms 1

Am I intertwined with the sinners and scoffers of this world, or meditating on God’s Word? These two inputs produce different outputs.

When God Seems Distant

Pastor Jeff Schlenz
19 May 2019

Psalms 73

Why do good things happen to bad people, and how should a Christian respond?

When God is Silent

Pastor Jeff Schlenz
05 May 2019

Psalms 13

What is going on when God seems silent, distant and how do I respond?

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